Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ruroc Helmet Review

If you've found your way to this particular blog, I am almost sure that it is by no accident. You're either curious as to what exactly a Ruroc helmet is or you're looking for personal testimony as to the effectiveness of the helmet? Ruroc is a UK based company involved in the design and manufacture of helmets and goggles for the snow sports industry. The company prides itself on introducing the only helmets on the market that seamlessly integrate with goggles and mask to provide the ultimate in protection and product innovation. 

There are 4 main features that separate this helmet from other brands:
  • Seamlessly integrating helmet, goggles and mask system.
  • Continually regulated helmet designed to keep your head at a comfortable temperature.
  • Quick release mask.
  • Zero mist goggles with UV400 protection.
I own one of these helmets, so I will go through the 4 features and offer my personal opinion of the helmet. 

1) The helmet fits together nicely when you have all of the components attached. The goggles fit firmly against your face and do not fog up. The face mask sits off of your mouth and provides protection from the elements. The inside of the detachable face mask will accumulate a little moisture when being used in cold conditions but does not pose an issue. The face mask clips into the helmet by 2 plastic attachments. Attaching the mask can be a bit tricky at first. When you are attaching the mask, the trick is to place the attachments into their respective ports, flex the mask slightly outward and push back until you hear a clicking sound. The temperature overall in the helmet does stay regulated with a subtle draft coming in underneath the face mask. That being said, I sport a shaved head and I don't need a hat underneath to keep warm. The helmet and goggle combination works just as expected. The goggles are actually the largest on the market that allow for glasses/sunglasses to be worn with the helmet/goggles. The helmet comes in S, M, L as of now with plans to produce larger sizes in the near future. The helmet itself is extremely light weight and allows for great mobility.

2) Again, my head was extremely comfortable without any additional headwear and I have no hair! To be fair, I haven't used the helmet in negative degree temperatures yet. But I must stress that when the helmet is fully assembled upon ones head, the goggles do not fog up at all! The venting system on the helmet was efficiently constructed by the designers of Ruroc.

3) The mask can be a bit challenging when equipping it when wearing gloves but snaps in rather easily once in place. Also, the storage factor has been a conundrum amongst the developers and users of the helmet. Unless you have a back pack, a person is quite limited on where they can store the mask accessory to keep on you at all times. This is something that Ruroc is undertaking and hopefully will come up with a solution in the near future. Again, there is moisture build-up that you will get on the inside of the mask in cold conditions. However, it has not been an issue with me. I think that the mask is a decent feature to the helmet because it gives you the option to have your face covered should you choose. I like this alternative compared to the neoprene masks/scarves that accumulate moisture and sit wet against your face for the entire duration of your time on the slopes.

4) The goggles work amazing and are one of the best sets on the market. They do not fog up as specified and they fit well with the helmet. The goggles can be used independently of the helmet. Again, the goggles are the largest on the market that provide the individual the ability to wear glasses/sunglasses underneath them. 

On a last note,  I am a fan of the helmet. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and this helmet is not for everyone. I'm just giving my personal opinion on a product that I happened to take a chance on. I know there are a lot of people out there that would like to hear some input about these helmets before purchasing one. Hope any of this information assists you with your consideration of getting a Ruroc. Take care all and see you on the slopes!

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